Processing and Metallurgy Manager Jobs

Experienced specialists in processing and metallurgy management are essential to the smooth operation of all metallurgical and maintenance functions at a plant. Providing both technical expertise and the motivational skills to encourage a productive workforce, a good Processing and Metallurgy Manager is a valuable asset to any operation. 

Our clients turn to us to find the best mining talent available. If you’re able to operate successfully in a high profile role and make a measurable difference we’d like to hear from you.

Naturally, we expect you to have experience in:

  • Overseeing all functions within the processing and metallurgical departments and ensuring that all production and operations are managed efficiently to company standards.
  • Providing leadership and guidance to the processing and metallurgy teams ensuring that training and mentoring is given where needed, to achieve effective staff development.
  • Assigning and establishing responsibilities to team members.
  • Creating and sustaining a positive and conscientious working environment with a strong emphasis on Health and Safety, Environmental Issues and Regulatory Compliance.
  • Monitoring metallurgical test-work, process design and quality control.
  • Reviewing and suggesting improvements to all aspects of metallurgy and processing, including technologies and methods used, to ensure optimisation of the department.
  • Budgeting, cost control and project scheduling/forecasting. 

We’d also anticipate you’ll hold a degree in metallurgy or process engineering (or equivalent qualifications) and have a sound knowledge of the latest processing technologies and metallurgical methods.

The international nature of the opportunities we deal with regularly means that experience in working in a variety of countries and cultures will always help to give you an edge.