Mining Technical Services Manager Jobs

The Technical Services Manager is responsible for leading, co-ordinating and optimising the performance of the Technical Services department. With responsibility for geological and mine planning activities, the role is critical in ensuring the quality and efficiency of geology and production support exploitation services to other departments.

Our clients expect us to provide a reliable and experienced pair of hands when we are briefed to fill this important support role. We therefore look for evidence of an ability to:

  • Provide day-to-day support, leadership and encouragement for the technical services team ensuring a productive and positive work place environment.
  • Ensure optimal utilisation and management of the mine site’s ore body.
  • Monitor and manage geotechnical functions and geological activities, ensuring adherence to company goals and targets.
  • Supervise delivery of specific technical support.
  • Ensure the team aligned with overall company strategy and policies.
  • Work within Health and Safety Guidelines and Company standards.
  • Be responsible for technical planning, grade control planning and economic planning to ensure pit optimisation.
  • Provide scheduling and long term / short term strategic planning for the mine.

You’ll almost certainly hold a Bachelors or Masters degree in Mining Engineering or Geology and will have a solid understanding of mining operations, geology and exploration. Expertise in the use of mine planning and scheduling software such as SURPAC, XPAC, TALPAC, WHITTLE, VULCAN, DATAMINE is distinct advantage.